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Red Wing Shoes - Footwear Program


We are pleased to announce that we have established a national footwear program with Red Wing Shoe Company that will allow our employees to purchase a quality pair of safety boots at a specially discounted price from your local Red Wing Shoe Retailer. Red Wing Shoes Hassle Free Safety Footwear Program means access to over 4,000 retail locations, 150 Mobile Shoe Stores all with a dedicated, professional, full-service staff ready to help you with all your footwear needs.


Please contact your Office Administrator concerning instructions on how to purchase approved Red Wing, Irish Setter or WORX brand shoes, using the Company Authorization Form, and a list of participating Red Wing Retail stores.
You are encouraged to take advantage of this important benefit to help prevent injuries.  Employees who already wear Red Wings attest to the safe, firm footing, as well as the comfort and durability factor of their shoes.
All employees who purchase from a Red Wing Retailer will be professionally measured and fit to assure maximum comfort and satisfaction.
Here is how to purchase your Red Wing footwear:
1. The OA completes the authorization.
2. Your BM signs and dates the authorization form.
3. To find the Red Wing Shoe store nearest you, see the Red Wing Retailer List below, call Red Wing National Accounts at 800-239-1064 or visit .
4. Present the authorization form and a photo ID to the Red Wing Retailer. The Retailer will help you select the style and size of footwear that is approved and applicable for your job.
5. You will receive the special company discounted price when you purchase the boots.  Keep the sales receipt in case there is a need to return or exchange the boots for any reason. 
6. Start enjoying your new Red Wing footwear!


Red Wing Shoe Hassle Free Safety Program Stores and Authorized Retailers:

Baton Rouge, LA:,%20LA/30.44335/-91.18699/n


New Orleans, LA:,%20LA/29.9537/-90.07775/n


Lake Charles, LA:,%20LA/30.22403/-93.22011/n


Houston, TX:,%20TX/29.76045/-95.36978/n


Corpus Christi, TX:,%20TX/27.79641/-97.40356/n


Salt Lake City, UT:,%20UT/40.76006/-111.88822/n


Grand Junction, CO:,%20CO/39.06879/-108.56445/n


Denver, CO:,%20CO/39.74001/-104.9923/n



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: When can I use my authorization form to purchase approved safety footwear?
This program has been set up to provide company employees with the opportunity to purchase Red Wing brand footwear upon distribution of the authorization form.   The local participating Red Wing Shoe Retailers know about the program and are ready to serve. 
Q: What if the Red Wing Retailer doesn’t have the boot in stock that I want to purchase?
A: T
he Red Wing Retailer will measure you for that boot and will either ship it directly to your home address, office address, or contact you upon the boot’s arrival at the Retailer’s store for pick-up.
Q: What happens if there is a defect or material failure with the Red Wing footwear I have purchased?
Take the boots back to the Retailer where they were purchased. The Retailers have been instructed to properly service and address all questions/issues with regards to the performance and warranty of the footwear.
Q: Does the authorization form have an expiration date?
Yes, you must redeem the authorization form prior to this expiration date in order for your voucher to be valid. We would highly recommend you redeem your authorization form at your earliest convenience to mitigate the opportunity of your form being lost or stolen.
Q: How often can I purchase boots?
A: C
hampion will authorize one pair of safety toe boots every two years.
Any other questions contact Karen Meche at 225-291-5548 or via email at .



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