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FRCs - Flame Resistant Protective Clothing & Accessories
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Bulwark Flame Resistant Workwear and Apparel - Bulwark is the North American market leader in durable flame resistant protective garments. Flame-resistant protective apparel can mean the difference between minor survivable burns and major life-threatening injuries. For protection against flames, flash fire, and electric arcs, many workers in the electric utility, petroleum, petro-chemical and chemical industries trust Bulwark garments. Bulwark garments excel in the crucial performance areas of flame resistance, thermal protection, comfort, and durability.



Laundering Information


Some good rules of thumb for laundering your FRC to keep you safe on the job. Here's some information to show you just how easy it is to clean your PPE at home!


• Always wash your FR gear prior to wearing.
• Clean your flame resistant garments using a mild detergent that is free from hydrogen peroxide, animal fats (tallow soap), and bleach.
• Do not use chlorine bleach on your FRC. Do not use hydrogen peroxide products such as OxyClean.
• Never use fabric softeners or starch on flame resistant clothing.
• We recommend washing FR clothing in water no hotter than 120 degrees Fahrenheit when washing at home.
• Tumble dry on low. Remove items promptly to avoid wrinkles setting.
• Do not spray flame resistant garments with insect repellents, especially those containing DEET.
• Stiffer fabrics, such as denim and duck, may streak upon washing. To avoid streaking, always wash these fabrics inside out.
• Some FR products, like rain gear, may need to hang dry. Always be sure to read the tag prior to laundering.


This is just a general recommendation for the care of your flame resistant clothing; manufacturer's garment care instructions may vary. Please read all garment tags prior to washing your flame resistant protective apparel to ensure that you are meeting the specifications set by the manufacturer. Some products may be dry clean friendly. Check the garment tag for more information.
Garment tags will have laundering instructions in words and in symbols. To learn more about fabric care language, visit the Cleaning Institute for a helpful guide, developed in cooperation with the Federal Trade Commission.


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